About Me
A Semi-absurd Autobiography….

Consider this a short look into the tragedy that is M. Owen Santy. Or at least a pre-emptive Eulogy. If any of the following seems overly sarcastic, arrogant, belligerent, or opinionated… It’s good to know that I’m understood at least.

Born the Son of a Hospital Administrator and soon to be Cardiology Technician, My life began in the Northernmost regions of New Hampshire, that cold, bleak and beautiful spot so loved by Massachusetts tourists and New York Hunters. I spent most of my childhood hiding out from the world in the mountains, and making the three-man local Police force work overtime chasing golf-carts.


It was during this 17 year stint in the frozen north that I became acquainted with what was to become the love of my life, in the form of a Commodore Pet Computer located in my then girlfriend’s fathers office in Gorham High School. Incidentally, that same man was probably the most insightful and enlightening individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Although he had plenty of unmentioned reason to distrust, or even to loathe my presence, He put personal things aside while in his professional capacity, introducing me to logic theory and literary arts including the writings of Dante. If there is a reason for who I am Now, and why all I could want to do with my life is to acquire the wealth of knowledge that exists in obscure texts and solving impossible problems, it is due to the teaching of Mr. Robert Corrigan, the finest teacher, thinker and philosopher to have ever crossed my path. My eternal thanks to you, Mr. Corrigan.. wherever you are.

I fondly remember being called to the principals office of Gorham High on a foggy September morning, where it was told that I would be “skipping” my junior year at that fine institution, and was being promoted to Senior Status due to the fact that somehow I had already accumulated enough credits to have graduated with the preceding class in what was my then Sophomore year. I still to this day have no Idea how I accomplished this feat. I’m guessing it was either the almost three years I spent as a youth reading the Entire World Book Encyclopedia Cover-To-Cover thrice, and the Bible at least twice while bored in what was supposed to be class time and summer vacation. Either that, or the School faculty was sick and tired of me arguing what I felt were inadequacies in their lesson plans, and the textbooks they were required to utilize. Either way, they were out to get rid of me at the end of the year, leaving little time to figure out what I was to do with the rest of my life. In retrospect, I should have headed right off to College with an “Undeclared” major, but I was unfortunately too youthful to make such a mature decision at that point of my life. So, upon graduating from from this penal institution, my troubles firmly packed in my old kit bag, I left northern misery for newfound experiences by enlisting in the United Stated Marine Corps.

The next five years proved both trying and enlightening. To distill the experiences gained in this time down to a potent essence, The Marine Corps taught me the most valuable lessons I have ever learned: First: Self Discipline and Self Reliance. Second: I am a complete pacifist. No man should ever be asked to destroy life. The wounds caused in learning this second lesson continue to haunt me more than a decade since leaving Uncle-Sam’s employ. It was during this time I received my first formal post-secondary education, Earning a Certificate as an Emergency Medical Technician, and an Associates Degree In Liberal Arts From Parks College.


The 1990’s brought extreme changes into my life. I began to slowly advance my education, including a year studying Nursing at NH Technical College back In Berlin, and then roaming to the the southern part of the state, pursuing eclectic studies in everything I could find interest in, since I could find no “major” to fit my need for advanced knowledge at that time. Through the decade , I spend several years playing music with several regional bands as both a guitarist and a short stint as a vocalist in a metal band. The friends made during these years are still among the strongest bonds I have, and I continue to write and perform to this day sporadically with the alternative band Parts of Me. Somehow during these alcohol fueled years, I landed in Charleston WV and clipped my wings for an extended stay. I happily remain here in the Kanawha Valley to this day.

It was also during this time that I suffered what has become the most crushing tragedy I could ever hope to experience; The loss of my sister Meaghan. I have yet to find words to describe how her passing has affected me, or to find the strength to return to the town where she has been laid to rest, even some eight years after the fact.


It was late in 1999 that I began to come back around to wooing my first love career-wise, and dove headfirst into the deep end of the pool that we now call Information Technology. I recall re-discovering the joy of hacking into code and reeking havoc in the network I had began to explore back In New Hampshire on that now antique Commodore Pet with it’s then kick ass Hayes Compatible modem at 28 Baud. In the years since, I have spent the majority of my time gaining knowledge in this arena, and and am soon to complete my education with a Master Of Science Degree in Information Technology. To my credit, I currently hold over 200 Copyrights, several patents, and have been a developer and project manager of several emerging technologies, including the MADWork (Musicians Advanced Workstation) project.

Who Am I Really ?

I’m still working on this one, and suppose I always will be.

On the positive: I suppose I’m a wanna-be renaissance man several centuries after that tag ceased to be considered cool. To pigeonhole myself, I would say that I am: an Objectivist, Episcopalian, Pacifist, registered Libertarian with an above average IQ and a real love for the learning process.

On the negative: I’m still the arrogant little snot that put the skunk lure into the ventilation system, and attempted to make Molotov cocktails just to “see how they work”.


I’m that stain in your favorite shirt that you just can’t seem to rid yourself of despite the repeated attempts at chemical removal. And for some strange reason, you can’t bear to throw that garment out.
And for that reason.. I’m glad to have been alive.

M. Owen Santy – AKA Da’ Schmuck
February, 2004