Ok – so it’s not three feet but it sure as hell seems like it!

Greetings from the great white north (Hoser!) where everything is white & wonderful as long as the wind chill stays above 15 degrees or so. I arrived in Agawam, Ma just over two weeks ago and spent about 10 days with her & the kids, and have to say it was a great visit. it’s hard to believe that I only get up here to New England once a year or so when I enjoy it so much.

Have been at the Homestead in Northern NH (Specifically: Gorham, New Hampshire, United States (03581), Lat: 44.39N, Lon: 71.17W ) since late Friday evening and am enjoying some quality time with the rest of my family here.

I spent most of this morning trying to keep ahead of the snow with my dad’s snowblower in keeping the driveway, decks & walkways clear… and  I finally got caught up with it just as the big ol’ winged snowplow came roaring down the street, promptly destroying my morning’s work & resulting in both an onslaught of foul language and the need to cheat & have a cigarette.

I also noticed that I definitely am not up to doing this kind of task any longer … it took my heart about two hours to settle down  and an extra dose of pain medication to keep my muscles from screaming at me. At least I know yet another limitation now. (Should have listened to my Dr. yet again… Grumble)

Will leave you with some photos & best wishes for a joyous holiday & hope to see everyone back in WARM sunny NC in a week or so!