Hi there, It’s just me again. After contemplating it for some time, I have decided to do away with daschmuck.net after a glorious 4 year run and simplify somewhat by hosting my new blog here at wordpress.com.

Yep – it’s definitely a downsize, but with me out of the music scene and most likely permanently retired from the I.T. game (at least as a traditional 9-to-5 , off to the office pursuit) I really can’t see the need for running all the scripts that I have been in the past, and just need a place (other than myspace) to host a few pics, and let the world at large know what I have been up to.

So on to the news… after spending the day in glorious Durham NC today for another round in the seemingly unending battery of tests at the V.A. Hospital, I sit here goofing around on the ol’ laptop as usual. Same ol’ song and dance.

Also; friends please note that I will be away from NC for approx 3 weeks beginning December 3rd while I spend the holidays with my family in New England, and should be returning on or about December 26th baring any unforeseen issues or blizzard.