Audit Shows Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation Financially Sound and On Target for Completion In 2010 (From

WASHINGTON, D.C./DELRAY BEACH, FL – The non-profit organization seeking to build the first national memorial dedicated to America’s disabled veterans reported today that the project is on plan, on schedule and operating on a positive financial basis.

According to its latest financial statement, the Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation (DVLMF) had a $2.3 million operating profit for the first quarter of 2007. The Foundation has also secured $7.5 million in additional pledges restricted to pre-construction and construction costs. “Thanks to the generosity of some 877,000 donors from across the country, the American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial project is on a very steady, focused and sound course today,” said DVLMF Executive Director Victor Biggs.

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Moreover, the DVLMF is “committed to the rights of our donors and ensuring that our operations are open and aboveboard. The Foundation fully adheres to the ‘Donors Bill of Rights’ posted on our website,” added Biggs.

The “patriotic Americans who have donated to this worthy project want to honor the service and sacrifice of those men and women who have given so much of themselves in defense of liberty and freedom,” said Biggs.

National statistics show that there are more than three million living disabled veterans, including thousands who have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Memorial, to be situated on a two-acre site across from the U.S. Botanic Garden and with the U.S. Capitol as the backdrop, will honor “these unsung heroes, as well as those who have since passed on, in perpetuity for their courage and conviction,” he noted. Read the rest of this entry »


Hi friends…

Just a few words on holiday happenings, and my current status for those of you interested.

First and foremost, The holiday at home was exceptional – great to see family and friends again after another year away. My oldest son Nicholas has graduated from the NYFD academy and has started working with the department. Although I really can not say that I’ve been much of a father to him, I can say that I’m awful proud and wish him all the luck in world and will be praying for his safety as he serves .

My Daughter Sam has grown into quite a great kid – having her sweet 16 in December as well as being honored to march with the Macy’s all American band in NYC in the Thanksgiving day parade.

News for me – My VA Disability has been approved (thank God & Senator Libby Dole) after very long and disheartening wait. I should be receiving my back pay before long, allowing me to catch up on things and get into a more independent living situation.

My Nephew Ryan & Neices Meahan & Natilie with “Lola” on Christmas morning

Also on the Va front – They have not decided to rate me as unemployable – so I’m going to be allowed to work from home and am soon to begin Veterans Vocational Rehab. via The Order Of The Purple Heart Foundation who will be training me on a new software package so I can telecommute as a help desk technician / software technician.

Last but not least – For those who are unaware, I will be staying in Agawam, Massachusetts with my sister & her family for at least the next month as I finish my VA paperwork before my return to my home in North Carolina.

Hope all your holidays were blessed!

Ok – so it’s not three feet but it sure as hell seems like it!

Greetings from the great white north (Hoser!) where everything is white & wonderful as long as the wind chill stays above 15 degrees or so. I arrived in Agawam, Ma just over two weeks ago and spent about 10 days with her & the kids, and have to say it was a great visit. it’s hard to believe that I only get up here to New England once a year or so when I enjoy it so much.

Have been at the Homestead in Northern NH (Specifically: Gorham, New Hampshire, United States (03581), Lat: 44.39N, Lon: 71.17W ) since late Friday evening and am enjoying some quality time with the rest of my family here.

I spent most of this morning trying to keep ahead of the snow with my dad’s snowblower in keeping the driveway, decks & walkways clear… and¬† I finally got caught up with it just as the big ol’ winged snowplow came roaring down the street, promptly destroying my morning’s work & resulting in both an onslaught of foul language and the need to cheat & have a cigarette.

I also noticed that I definitely am not up to doing this kind of task any longer … it took my heart about two hours to settle down¬† and an extra dose of pain medication to keep my muscles from screaming at me. At least I know yet another limitation now. (Should have listened to my Dr. yet again… Grumble)

Will leave you with some photos & best wishes for a joyous holiday & hope to see everyone back in WARM sunny NC in a week or so!

Hi there, It’s just me again. After contemplating it for some time, I have decided to do away with after a glorious 4 year run and simplify somewhat by hosting my new blog here at

Yep – it’s definitely a downsize, but with me out of the music scene and most likely permanently retired from the I.T. game (at least as a traditional 9-to-5 , off to the office pursuit) I really can’t see the need for running all the scripts that I have been in the past, and just need a place (other than myspace) to host a few pics, and let the world at large know what I have been up to.

So on to the news… after spending the day in glorious Durham NC today for another round in the seemingly unending battery of tests at the V.A. Hospital, I sit here goofing around on the ol’ laptop as usual. Same ol’ song and dance.

Also; friends please note that I will be away from NC for approx 3 weeks beginning December 3rd while I spend the holidays with my family in New England, and should be returning on or about December 26th baring any unforeseen issues or blizzard.



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